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June 2009

E-COM completes environmental site assessment services on major redevelopment sites around Virginia including Hopewell (Butterworth Furniture and Old Mallonee High School), Danville (Hylton Hall Headquarters) and Petersburg (East Bank Street corridor project).

January 2009

E-COM's team is short listed for the environmental management contract during terminal construction at the Nassau Internation Airport, Bahamas.

September 2008

David Billett certifies the cleanup of hazardous waste at the National Park Services' Klingle Valley Park below Connecticut Avenue Bridge in Washington, DC.

July 2008

E-COM is contracted by Lanley AFB to provide asbestos management services at the Virginia Air National Guard Facility in Sandston, VA.

November 2007

E-COM is hired to manage the removal of asbestos and demolition of the former US Tobacco Manufacturing facility in southside Virginia. The project will encompass three to four months of abatement using a 25-man crew. E-COM provides turnkey consulting and management services

October 2007

E-COM is issued a Master Services Agreement with S&ME Inc., a premier AE firm in the southeast US, to provide industrial hygiene consulting.

May 2007

E-COM is hired to provide comprehensive environmental consulting for a master redevelopment plan involving 35 buildings on the grounds of the former Western State Hospital/sanitorium in Staunton Virginia.

June 2007

E-COM asbestos experts are employed in managing removal of asbestos from a high rise structure(Grand Piano Building) in Roanoke Virginia. THe work schedule of the project is compressed to achieve an aggressive demolition and renovation schedule, according to planning by Mr. David Billett.

December 2006

E-COM is placed under Master Contracts for Services for environmental consulting and hazardous materials identification with ENSR/AECOM, a multi-national consulting firm.

October 2006

E-COM is hired by Development Consulting and Construction to provide complete civil engineering services (design, permitting and construction management) for two residential subdivisions and a commercial site in Henrico County, Virginia.

August 2006

E-COM provides oversight of cleanup of Swedish Embassy in Georgetown, District of Columbia following infectious release of sewage during construction.

October 2005

E-COM in conjunction with ENSR International provides environmental testing at new 7-11 construction sites in Virginia.

June 2005

E-COM is hired by Stanley Shields LLC to provide civil and environmental engineering services at multiple development sites around Virginia.

May 2005

E-COM's principal (David L. Billett) wins lawsuit defense case against Louis Salomonsky and Columbine LLC in Richmond General District Court.

January 2005

E-COM is recognized by Environmental Engineering Excellence and receives monetary award for exemplary project management skills.

October 2004

E-COM designs civil facilities and stormwater management control for the High Street Lofts development in Petersburg, VA for Robin Miller and Associates.

May 2004

E-COM under contract to ENSR International helps complete a comprehensive survey of the NIH hospital and support buildings in Bethesda MD.

March 2004

E-COM completes a mult-year site characterization project at the Defense Supply Center Richmond for a groundwater contamination plume beneath a former industrial area.

December 2003

E-COM's work is recognized by local industry experts with award for responsive and timely completion of work at various sites in the mid-Atlantic region.

November 2002

E-COM completes a multi-site assessment of Army National Guard facilities throughout Virginia under contract to IT & Shaw Environmental Group.

August 2002

E-COM files suit and obtains a significant award against Nations Environmental Services Inc. for breach of contract.

April 2000-March 2001

E-COM is hired to represent the government of the The Bahamas to manage a multi-million dollar asbestos abatement and demolition contract at the Nassau International Airport. E-COM ensures that the contractors who are conducting the work perform properly and that the airport stays safe for visiting tourists. CCI is hired for $675,000 (not millions as reported) to conduct abatement work, as is Island Project, a Bahamian company. Work progresses through January 2001 to final completion.

January 2000

E-COM, LLC is chartered by David L. Billett PE and David Billett Sr., Colonel (ret.) US Air Force Command. The company has 30 years of experience in environmental engineering, hazardous materials, construction and logistical management.

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